“Please warn your people”, Yemi Alesho calls out actor Femi Adebayo

Femi Adebayo

Nigerian content creator, comedian and actor, Adeoye Adeyemi Alesho has publicly called out actor, Femi Adebayo Salami.


He told the veteran to warn his people to stay clear off him.

Taking to his Instagram page, Yemi noted how he isn’t one to come on social media to rant or make noise about things that never happened.

Going straight to the point, he reminded the actor that he isn’t a small kid as he knows when he was birth.

He demanded that Femi Adebayo gives him his own respect despite the age difference.

He revealed that he came on set on the movie, Ile Alayo and was accused of being disrespectful.

According to him, every one around knows how respectful he always his on set.


He affirmed that he can never be rude as he called out the name of his colleagues, Jigan and Baba Eko who were present at the scene.

Fortunately, the actor was only joking and was using the dramatic scene to advertise his herbs.

“I don’t come to social media to rant, I don’t make noise about things that don’t happen.

Mr Femi Adebayo,
I want to go straight to the point,
I am not a small kid
I know when they gave birth to me
Although you senior me, but I need respect me.
I came on set Ile Alayo set
We were there, you can ask everyone there, you can ask them
If I was ever rude to anyone
You can ask people


I will call out names
Jigan was there, Baba Eko was there , no naaa”.

“Mr Femi Adebayo please warn your people”.