Muma Gee opens up on remarrying at 43


Singer, Gift Eke, popularly known as Muma Gee was once upon a time happily married to her colleague, Prince Eke. Sadly, the marriage couldn’t stand the test of time after three kids.


The former couple raised eyebrows in 2016, when they went their separate ways over allegations of infidelity after 6 years of marriage.

Although their relationship was public, Gee and Eke dealt with their split privately. Well, in a recent interview with Saturday Beats, the music star opened up on remarrying.

Asked if she would still give marriage another shot, she said, “If it is the will of God.”

She also added that as a public figure, she has learnt to trust (people) but not holistically.


Muna Gee is also of the opinion that men do better than women in the Nigerian music industry because they put in more effort than the women.

Hear her: “I used to belong to the school of thought that females in the Nigerian music industry were disenfranchised. However, knowledge, time, maturity and research made me realise it’s the effect of our traditional beliefs that the girl-child is positioned to play a second fiddle.“

Subconsciously or unknowingly, it plays out in our attitude towards professionalism and commitment to work. The male artistes put in more to attain the heights they get to. I cannot say the same for the women and I am guilty as charged. There are lots of other distractions, both natural and artificial, but the bottom line is that if women put in as much effort as men do, there would be equal results.”

On why she took a break from the music scene, the ‘Kade’ singer said, “Let’s focus on now and the future as there is a lot going on for me at the moment. I am working back-to-back with my team.”