Four categories of the Entertainment industry Iyabo Ojo has explored




Iyabo Ojo

When you begin to count one of the top actresses in Nollywood, especial in Yoruba movies, Iyabo Ojo is one name you will most definitely not leave out. The beautiful Actress is hard-working, and also one of the multi-talented actresses in the industry.

Though she gained fame and popularity through acting, they are others sectors of entertainment that the Beautiful Actress has ventured into. Those sectors have not only increased her financially but also increased her fame and popularity in the industry. In this article, we will be taking a look at the sectors of entertainment Actress Iyabo Ojo has ventured into.

1. Acting


Acting is the main thing that brought the actress into the limelight. According to Wikipedia, the actress came into the limelight in the late ’90s and since then, she has gone on to be featured in over 150 movies. The movies that she has been featured in include both English and Yoruba Movies.

2. Content Creation



Iyabo Ojo is been referred to as the Queen of TikTok due to the kind of interesting, and comedy content she has been creating on the platform. The Beautiful actress can mimic, interpret and play the roles of both genders. Her work on the platform has helped her gain a lot of followers.

3. Comedy skit.


Comedy skit is another sector of the entertainment industry that Iyabo Ojo has ventured into. She has been featured by popular comedy skit makers, Bae-u and Broda shaggi.

4. Film Productions (producer)



Apart from acting, another sector of the entertainment industry that Iyabo ono has ventured into is Film production (Producer). According to Wikipedia, the actress who is also a producer has produced over 10 of her movies.