After Many Years Insult for Not Having Children 56-Year-Old Woman Welcomes Twins (video)



Victoria Adorgu, a 56-year-old Ghanaian woman has shown how faith, hope, and medicine can all come together to produce a miracle as she had a child for the first time in her life.

In an interview with TV3’s Portia Gabor, Victoria could not hold back her tears as she recounted how she bore the brunt of people’s negative comments and insults for being unable to have her own child.

Victoria said people had ridiculed her

“I thank God for those who prayed for me. People were abusing me, insulting me, and mocking me because I was not able to give birth. It was not easy. It was difficult,” she cried

The medical miracle happened at the Lekma Hospital in Accra through In Vitro Fertilisation, which occurred after the death of the 56-year-old’s husband. Dr. Akua Gyima Asante who works at the Lekma hospital said after the successful CS delivery that the breakthrough shows the possibilities available to all women.

“Ladies who have infertility issues should come to us. We have the technology to help. No woman should be mocked for being unable to give birth any longer,” she said.


The new mother’s family represented by her brother, Patrick Adorgu, said that they used to go to prayer camps to ask for God’s intervention, which he believes just happened to his sister.

Everyone has to believe that it is possible, particularly the people who are young couples,” he added.

Watch the video below: